Tutorial: Easy Real Estate “Screencast” Videos

If you need a quick and easy way to create engaging, conversion boosting video content then screencasts are a great way to go

You don’t have to leave the office and the possibilities for what you can screencast are limitless!

Some Real Estate Screencast Videos you might make:

  • Give a tour of a specific listing and explaining what’s great about it.
  • Show a set of mls search result links. (like foreclosures, “lowest priced”, or “Income Propertunities” in a specific area)
  • Review a clause in your standard agreement of sale and explain it in detail
  • Point out specific features and home search tips on your website
  • Switch to web camera mode and just record a personal message for a client, or a thank you message that shows to all your leads.

The possibilities are endless, and with affordable solutions like Screencastomatic.com there’s no reason why shouldn’t get “Realbizzy” with this idea right now!

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