Rehab Valuator

Step 1

CLICK HERE To Visit The “Rehab Valuator Lite” Link of the person who referred you. Opt in and check out the program. [If you decide to upgrade to premium, your referrer will make a commission.)

Step 2

CLICK HERE To Join The “Rehab Valuator ” Affiliate program. (remember your username as you sign up)

Step 3

Put your Rehab Valuator username in the box below.

Enter Link:

After you submit your username, you should see it in the box above. If it shows, you’ll know that things are working and when your HouseItHanging referrals find this page, they’ll be signing up for the Rehab Valuator software and affiliate program using your link.

Step 4

Once you’ve completed the steps above, head on over to the “Promo Strategies” page to learn different ways you can start promoting this affiliate program in the course of your regular real estate marketing activities.