Mortgage Lender / Agent Comarketing “Bridge Page” Example

It’s zeitgeist…

Agents love hitting up their lenders for “comarketing” dollars to spend on Zillow and other lead vendors.

But what’s really in it for the lender? We all know the agent isn’t going to do a great job dilligently followng up on the leads and handing them back to the lender! Truth is, most of the time these dollars are spent with just some loose “expectation” of the favor being returned in the form of referrals from the agent.

In an effort to make comarketing dollars go a little further for all parties involved, we’re always trying new things…

Like, for example, this “bridge” page that a lead sees after they opt in for property info from an agent.

The page gives the “lead” the property info they requested, while also making a compelling argument for why they should also become a lead for the lender 🙂

Everyone wins, because the lender is incentivized to spend more on comarketing… and the agent knows the lead is being preapproved (and followed up on) by a lender they trust.

If you’d like to “comarket” with Bond Street Mortgage and execute ideas like this one and others that we’re playing with, feel free to email “” today…

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