Down below are some Frequently asked questions. If you can’t find an answer to your question, or need to contact Ryan for any reason, use ryan@houseithanging.com.

How Do I Use This For Recruiting?
Whenever you share links to content on this site, there’s a chance the people visiting your content will also sign up for the system.

When they do, you’ll receive a notification (so you can introduce yourself) and your referral will also repeatedly see links to your Recruiting page which you can configure via the account page.

How Do I Make Affiliate Commissions Here?

Whenever you refer other real estate pros to the Houseithanging.com system you can earn passive commissions in a number of ways.

You can earn commissions from the programs on the Income Diversifier page.

Simply sign up for each affiliate program and plug your link into this system as instructed, then whenever you share your Houseithanging links, you’ll have a chance to earn commissions.

Who Pays Me?
You’re paid according to the rules of each individual affiliate program. If you generate sales of Housithanging “in house” products and services you can request payment at any time when you have a balance.

Where Can I See My Stats

On the Stats page .

(You’ll also receive an email whenever you generate a lead.)

I Entered Some Affiliate Links, Why Isn’t My Info Showing?

When logged into the system, all links you see will be pre-populated with those of the person who referred you to HouseItHanging.com. If you want to test to make sure it’s working, please visit your own affiliate link in a totally new browser, and sign up with a fake email account. (If you use the same browser you’re already logged in on the system will get confused and you’ll likely still see your referrers links.)

How Do I Promote HouseItHanging.Com

You can find your main affiliate link at the top of the “Accounts” page.

Also, you have a unique affiliate link to every piece of content on this site. You can find this link at the bottom of each content piece.

I Have A Suggestion For An Affiliate Program To Add, How Do I Suggest It?
Just email ryan@ryanhartman.net. As long as it’s “real estate relevant” I’ll seriously consider adding.