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Case Study: $2.83 Seller Leads?

Setting this all up is a bit technically advanced. But here are the loose steps. Login to RPR and take the steps to generate the Valuation Widget Code Create a Web Page that displays the widget based on address parameters (pretty technical) Create a Thank You page that tells your lead to check email for […]


Template: “We Run Facebook Ads” Listing Presentation Page

Download Links Microsoft Word Download Link Google Docs Download Link (choose File –> Download As from top left) As mentioned in the video, you’ll want to change “your property” to the specific listing you’re trying to procure. And also be sure to change the demographic targeting bullets to reflect the “most likely to buy” audience. […]


Tutorial: Easy Real Estate “Screencast” Videos

If you need a quick and easy way to create engaging, conversion boosting video content then screencasts are a great way to go You don’t have to leave the office and the possibilities for what you can screencast are limitless! Some Real Estate Screencast Videos you might make: Give a tour of a specific listing […]